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22 Jul 10

The ball of the flying mice

The night slowly comes to rock the Norman countryside. The heat of the day makes the rare still accessible water sources very attractive for the bats which find there of what to quench their thirst besides a plentiful food, as this common pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) hunting a mosquito.

Common pipistrelle hunting a mosquito

Nikon D700+500mm at f/7.1; 6s, infra-red barrel + 4 flashs nikon SB-24

29 Nov 09

Wild rabbit and deluge of rain

While November is about to break a record dating from 1963 with 28 days of rain over 30 in the month, in these difficult conditions to escape. See any light anywhere, but life continues to wildlife. This wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) has come out of his hole, despite the incessant rain. An unexpected thinning has hinted during short minutes, almost a ray of sunshine...


Nikon D700, 500mm VR at F/4, 1/640s, 2000iso.

8 Oct 09

Bell in Pyrenees mountains

Autumn season is rich in nature events. I have benefited to spend some days in Pyrénées mountains hoping to photograph red deer bell. At that time, mountains are adorned with great colours which remind the one of tundra. During that period, red deers give it to their heart to run the mountains with their powerful rary. And when giving voice is not enough, deers can reach to hands, well to antlers... Many thanks to my friend Greg who opened to me his nice mountain dweller case :)

Red deers fight

Nikon D300, 500mm vr, 1/500s f/5, 640iso.

20 May 09

Does one swallow make the spring? A bear yes!

Except for the title of the post based on that film by Christian Carion, there is no question this time to swallow but brown bear(Ursus arctos) . During this spring evening, the young cub of a year and a half seemed very inspired by that Spruce barely taller than him. If one swallow doesn't make a summer, a bear yes, because their waking up is if confirmation was needed of the arrival of this season.

Brown bear cub.jpg

Nikon D700, 500mm VR f/4, 1/80s 3200 iso.